life is funny.

Life is funny.  It never ceases to amaze me the way things sort of stack up to create days, weeks, months, years.  Sometimes things affect us in such ways that we can't understand, and we don't know how to feel.  Often times, I love when this happens, because it causes me to really take a comprehensive look at myself.  Occasionally, I think about the choices I have made--or not made--and rarely, I feel regret.  Regret for the things I wish I would have done, regret for the things I should never have done, and regret for the things that I learned nothing from.

Sometimes I wish I would have been there more for a friend.  Sometimes I wish I wouldn't have held on to a friendship that didn't suit me.  Sometimes I wish I had seen situations with more clarity than I did in the heat of the moment.  But I always remember that we cannot change our pasts.  We can only look forward and think about the things we can do to prevent these feelings from happening again.  Write more letters.  Make more phone calls.  Send a friend a card not because it's her birthday, but because it was funny and reminded you of her.  Remember that even when our own lives seem to be so busy, perfect, and squared away, others are drowning in personal crisis, and sometimes all they need is a hand, reaching out to pull them back on to the life boat.  We are not all the center of the universe, no matter how good it feels, in the moment, to feel as though we were.